Journey to Living Minimal

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve posted, of course there are all kinds of crazy things I could share that have happened since the last post, however the only thing I can focus on right now is getting rid of my crap and getting organized!

It started as just tidying up. I started sorting some things and ultimately threw the whole lot in the garbage. Dang, it felt good, there was an unexpected boost to my motivation and I found myself unable to sit down, I would keep thinking of another little corner that needed clearing out and get right to it.

I’ve realized that all of the things we accumulate weigh us down and hold us back, adding to anxiety and stress. I guess the saying is true about cluttered life-cluttered mind.

So far I have donated or given away about 70 percent of my CD’s, DVD’s, VHS tapes, etc. I decided which one’s we really like and have actually watched more than once and will so again- the rest…. GONE I’m actually able to get rid of a storage cabinet from my living room! I’m letting my son take it and sell it.

I realize I could make some money from this stuff, but I don’t want the hassle, I just want it gone.

We also donated books, clothes, and trinkets to our Church for their annual garage sale.

I have been going through my kitchen and getting rid of lots of stuff… my son has happily taken most of it to his house to use. I decided I only need a maximum of 8 place settings of dishes and silverware. There’s only 2 of us here now, and if we have more than 6 guests we can use paper. I have my favorite food storage containers that nest with the lids on! The rest left the premises. The lids with no containers and vice versa…. garbage! There’s no hope of ever finding their mates.

All those cups from Fairs, parades, hospitals, and other events. We NEVER use them…. GONE!

I don’t know if I’ll be one of those people with only 42 possessions, but I would like to get a heck of a lot closer than I am now!

Oh… I’m also simplifying meals and grocery shopping, but I’ll get into that more later.

Wish me luck!

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August 9, 2019

So we’ve made it to another Friday!

Made it to all 4 jobs this week and 2 meetings despite my daughter sharing her lovely cold with me. She also made it to work all week after my guilt trip last Friday.

Got paid from 2 jobs, paid bills… so I’m still broke. I’ve been letting my son learn the hard way about spending money and planning ahead for about 3 weeks. His phone has been shut off for a week, although still able to communicate as long as he’s near wifi. So, finally met him at his work today and maxed out one of my credit cards to pay just enough to get his phone turned back on. Only because he has an appt 2 hours away for the National Guard. I’m sure I can get away with driving around with expired stickers for another month… it’s fine.

My daughter decided with one of her friends a couple days ago that she’s going to do the keto diet. She’s been really strict with it so far and I’m not one to discourage, she is overweight and I’ve never had luck motivating her. Mind you, I’m vegetarian, and have been for a decade or so. I’ve never forced it on my kids (honestly too difficult to anyway with them eating lunch at school, visitation with their dad, overnights with friends, etc) but I don’t generally buy much meat here. So, I took her grocery shopping to get the things she can have on this diet with a $50 spending limit to last a week. She did a good job! So, we’ll see how this goes.

I vowed this past week to become a minimalist and have been throwing out all sorts of useless worn out junk! It really does lift the spirits to have less junk surrounding you and weighing you down.

Worked on laundry this morning, which isn’t as simple as it should be. My washer and dryer crapped out months ago. I lugged stuff to my parents house for a time, until I bought a used set from a young couple in a neighboring town (they came with the house they had just purchased and they were buying everything new… hmm must be nice) It was quite an ordeal getting the old set out of my basement, my dad and my brother ripped the washing machine apart and carried it out in pieces! So the new (used) set isn’t as large as mine, okay I just have to wash smaller loads, there’s only 2 of us in the house now anyway. Well, the heating element is apparently out on the dryer, I don’t have the heart to tell my dad after all the trouble, and I don’t have money for another one anyway. It gets them “almost” dry, so we pull the clothes out of the dryer and hang them on a rack to finish drying… what a hassle.

It’s nearly time to take my daughter to work, stopped at the dealership today to find out why my check engine light came on. It’s just the o2 sensor, so we should make it back and forth okay. Still going to cost me a couple hundred, but that seems like chump change considering the last time that light appeared I had to replace timing chains and have the front half of my engine rebuilt!

Have a great weekend! Who knows what this week will bring, bet it will be exciting and unexpected!

The first post!

It’s Sunday eveni…. oh, wait, strike that.

It’s Friday evening, I have been awake for about 12 hours and can’t say I’ve done anything productive today. Well, it is my day off, I shouldn’t feel guilty about relaxing, right?

So, I did get off the couch a few times. I retrieved a different pair of my son’s pants from his house and delivered them to him at work 10 miles away. He bent over and ripped them in half basically.

I catered to my teenage daughter (more than usual) since she has a cold, an earache, and her period all at once. I still expressed my disappointment in her when she *texted* to call in sick to her part-time job. Not a good start to the work ethic I’ve tried to teach and model. My dad would say, “Get your puke bucket and go to work!” Now that man has some work ethic to be proud of! This young generation is weak. *Sigh

I read a few work emails and responded to a few, including one phone call. So technically I still “worked” today…

Payday for 2 of my 5 jobs is next week and thank goodness! I had $40 left in my bank account when I went to the gas station this afternoon to get my daughter “supper” and my energy drinks for tomorrow morning.

I don’t remember the last actual meal I made in my kitchen, we’ve been in a rut. Also, it would require groceries and DISHES! Who has time for that nonsense? I’m lucky to have a clean towel and undergarments for bathing.

Okay, so I did bag up some old papers to burn, a little light cleaning, only because I was desperately searching for my son’s birth certificate. The last time I remember seeing it was 5 years ago… I finally called him and told him how to go about getting a new one. (Maybe he’ll pick better parents to put on this one! Hahaha!)

I did a little snooping on my oldest son’s social media accounts, trying to figure out which girl he is engaged to today. There are 2 of them, one of which is a horrible person and I vowed to either not show up to the wedding OR stand up at the part where the preacher says “speak now or forever hold your peace”. The other girl is generally nice, but if he would just fix his teeth and get a job he might attract someone better. *sounding like my mother here…yikes!

In lieu of cleaning my disaster of a house, mowing the other half of my lawn, or finishing any of the half finished projects I’ve started, I’ve started this blog!

Stay tuned, this trainwreck only gets more entertaining by the day…. it’s like….. a trainwreck! Terrible, but you can’t help but watch.